Dr. Schulze Croatia


Accomodation pictures

This spacious retreat house is located in the Dalmatian heartland. Its calm and privacy make it an ideal destination for the Dr. Schulze retreat program and for an escape from the exhausting everyday life. We prepared a variety of high quality activities and organic food that are guaranteed by Dr. Schulze (Croatian team).

We prepared for you single and double bedroom apartments with a bathroom, living room, large dining room, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, trampoline, a variety of additional activities, and above all, peace and quiet for a complete regeneration.

The small town of Lovreć that we’re located in is surrounded by many natural landmarks, such as the Blue and Red lakes, the Biokovo mountain, the Cetina river, etc. It’s only a 15 mile distance to the wonderful Makarska Riviera that’s packed with magnificent beaches.


Please check out this section and take a look at the pictures of natural landmarks that are in the vicinity of our oasis of peace, which we visit every day. It’s hard to be unimpressed by the beauty of nature that provides a living proof of the perfection of God’s creation.

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